Snowed out'a the Park in '06...

Rafferty Peak and Reymann Lake, Yosemite National Park, September 2006

Suckin thin air and working up to Unicorn, leaving Tuolumne Meadows behind.


Reymann Lake sitting right behind Unicorn Peak at 10,044 feet.


Rafferty Peak, our next door neighbor that day soars to 11,110 feet.
Chuck and Paul summited this from Reymann on day two.


And here I sit, not broken hearted. Lickety split I'm in lands uncharted.


First night at Reymann Lake we had a great dinner and good night sleep.
Next morning we day-hiked the area and decided the weather was going south and
so we split for the nearest ridge and an easy, if distant, route to the car.
At the ridge we could see the bad news coming, so forced us out of the
granite and back to the campground. A grueling 10 mile exit partly in moonless darkness.
Hey, but it's adventure, right?
got my aerobics in any case... do it again in spring.