Just a Walk in the Park...

Young Lakes and Ragged Peaks, Yosemite National Park, August, 2005

An awesome set of three lakes sitting beneath Mount Conness at 9850 feet.

And such awesome visual agreements!

Mount Conness alpenglows above our basecamp beach on Young Lake.

Mmmmm... oatmeal, butter, cream and blueberries - a one pan snack.

This is "Willy's Route" up the backside of Mount Hoffman.

On top of which we met our friends from May Lake, Yosemite's "Wild Women Workshop"
Awesome hiker babes who make it up these amazing rocks. Right on Wild Women!

Later we got up to Young Lakes and knew we could climb Ragged Peak after Mount Hoffman and the Wild Women.

Hmmmm... gettin closer, but still a gnarly route up ahead.

Just watch out for that heart-stopping Ragged Drop!

Chuck on the last 8 foot pitch before the top.

And me right behind him, scared shitless!
We really need some rope on these gigs.

    As for Facial Agreements, there was no dried up pack food.
    We went all out gourmet, including:

    Mac n Cheese with ham
    Steak and hashbrown potatoes
    Spaghetti with pepperoni sausage
    Oatmeal with blueberries and cream
    Cagin Red Beans and ham with cornbread
    Pancakes, maple syrup and Farmer Johnís sausage links
    Blueberry pancakes and bacon topped with apricot-cabernet coulee and butter toasted sliced almonds

Man, I gotta get back up there!