Captain Cow is a legend. An educator teaching the Architecture program for Western Career College in San Jose. A value added computer product integrator with years of configuration experience and a pathfinders approach to technology deployment. An entrepreneur managing his own companies to stunning success. A craftsman in touch with the aesthetic effects bred in the toil of handwork.

Whether planning mobile internet access, a networked AutoCAD design facility or a Brazilian agate inlaid leather lampshade for your new digs, the award-winning advanced product solution array applied by Captain Cow emphasizes flexibility, creativity and efficiency at the core of every project decision.

The Captain Cow multimedia group includes 6 competent support professionals, providing various specialties in the fields of live event production, internet authoring, CBT, CADD, desktop video, animation, networking, project planning, project management and facility assessment. Adding to these skills are the out bound staff of Captain Cow Corporate (120 strong), technical, sales, sourcing, and logistical support. Captain Cow is positioned to offer a full-service solution to any live affair, digital authoring, design or construction project need.  From the cyber to the tangible, Captain Cow will make it real.

Our Professional Design Tools include:

  •      AutoCAD
  •      3D Studio
  •      Truevision Video
  •      Elmo Projection
  •      Macromedia Applications
  •      Adobe Applications
  •      Digidesign Audio Workstations
  •      Mackie Design Inc. Consoles
  •      Crown International Inc. Power Amplifiers
  •      Sony Video and Displays
  •      JBL Pro Audio
  •      Shure Inc.
  •      Microsoft Products
  • Captain Cow application engineers are among the best in their fields, bringing decades of experience to every project. Listed below is some background information on two of our technicians.

    John Mork
    John was, is and will be Captain Cow. The first business, a Handcraft Leather Products retailer, was dubbed Captain Cow and the name stuck.
    John has over twenty-five Silicon Valley years of experience in design workstation configuration and planning at MicroAge, Computer Attic, Computown SF and ID8 Media. He has been involved in networked graphical design projects, managing planning, configuration, on-site implementation and test. His special interests are music and animation. Playing in a hobby band, stage managing a national beer fest or supporting the SF International Airport Project design and construction teams, he continues to demand only the highest standards of excellence in each and every solution he implements.

    Richie Varrasso
    Richie began his technical computer career as a Real Estate Appraisal Service but his talent goes far beyond the technical disciplines. His story is at check it out.

    In the past many folks have been a part of this tale... let's take a look back:

    Joey Chang plays Palo Alto (2004)
    He held down our bottom groove with his cello in the summer of '98.

    Craig Juan (CJ) on bass...
    Lynn Giles on drums, Aaron Madsen on lead guitar.  This amazing three piece, I call Slingblade, ultimately became the backbone of Rosedog. (2002)

    My Favorite Singers:
    Chicks Rule (just ask a sound guy)...
    Tatyana Ivanova (left), Cynthia Mahood (center), Lisa Alice (right) and ViceVersa (above) Rupa and Kate.
    Tanya and Cynthia fronted the band at various times. And what a front!
    Both are simply great singers. Just what a dance band needs plenty of.
    Lisa Alice is a songwriter whose tuneful show is a sight to behold. Great website, too.
    Working with her and these others has been way the better half of what I do with music.

    Speaking of singers from the chanteuse side of the tracks, here is Time Machine
    Rhonda, Dawn and Susan will spread their wings and soar from fifties, sixties,
    seventies hits right up thru a smoky-love-making Moulin Rouge rockin encore!

    And Hey, that's three chick singers at once... Sound Man Heaven! 

    Dawn - Rhonda - Susan

    And here is the man known for his bass groove with his bud from grapes, Mosely.
    Don't they look like fun?

    CJ - Mos

    There's lots more to come as constuction continues...
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