Gary Cambra Band - Punkin' 2006


Igniting the air with his friends... VERY live!

With Doug on drums, Kim on guitar, Trent on Violin and Pat on bass.


What wild ways to Rock n Roll.
Also bringing up his Flamenco friend Ramana Vieira
for an original rockin version of that genre


A mix of rock, jazz, country and blues,
combined with a European pop songwriting sensibility.
Gary's new music is impossible to pigeon-hole.
New tune Scarecrow was featured live and
the cd is coming out soon. Keep an eye out for it.
Some of Gary's special guests were

Kim Foscato
Pat Tingling
Doug Freedman
Ramana Vieira
Captain Cow mixed the sound

Also Bobby Strickland (Todd Rundgren and P.Lesh) on Sax and Gerald Goudeau on trumpet.
By virtue of it's strength, it was a tour de force, a hard rockin rumble, man..

"It's much too late to do anything about rock & roll now ..."

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